Spring review - The Telegraph


"What’s new? Somerset House has cleared the last of the Inland Revenue’s box files out of its 1856 New Wing to make way for Spring, Skye Gyngell’s first solo restaurant.

Behind the scenes: Bigger names than Gyngell’s were after this prestigious gig but 51-year-old Gyngell got it – and all the media attention that goes with it. It’s a big job – a 100-cover restaurant in a major new space – but her ardent admirers reckon this former Vogue food editor has got what it takes.

The concept: If you’d been working in a "cleared out potting shed with dirt floors", you too might dream up a drop dead gorgeous restaurant like Spring. The lofty-ceilinged, beguilingly lit neo-classical space is imposing, yet irresistibly feminine with its walls of porcelain blossoms by Valeria Nascimento, soft gold peonies by Emma Peascod and "winter garden" by landscape designer Jinny Blom. Even the loos are lovely: in pink for girls and blue for boys (yes, I checked). The one slightly barmy note in the staff uniforms of striped jerseys, Bensimon sneakers and mankle-revealing baggies that wouldn’t look out of place on French circus troupe hints at humour beneath the polished surface." continued here