English Garden
Private residence, The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire 
Charles Bateson

Working with interior designer Charles Bateson, Studio Peascod was asked to create an unforgettable wall piece in the charming dining room of a 17th century house nestling within the limestone hills of the Cotswolds.

The room itself boasts stunning views through the windows and past its 2ft thick stone walls out across undulating valleys, illuminated by open skies and changing seasons. The 19 panels of the piece form a panoramic surround to the room, simultaneously creating intimacy whilst expanding the space through the mirrored surface.

Using antiqued white gold and hand-dyed Japanese papers, the design transmits the natural beauty of house’s setting into the domestic environment. Elegant slanting branches break up the composition, punctuated with vibrant details of colour, a pheasant, a kingfisher and small poppies provide playful and charming pictorial elements.  In the evening the room transforms into an intimate dining experience, candle light flickers against the surface of the glass radiating a warm variegated glow.